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Guide to PUNISHERS build | Pockie Ninja

 · Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 s# B. |9 `5 b'' Y5 z. To Free / Lesser Gold Users. The punisher is an expensive build to play relying heavily on high inscripted/enhanced gears to achieve maximised defence/hp values, to allow for offensive stats/gems. Also since it has uses such a wide variety of stats, there are also high refining costs.

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 · Pockie Ninja Game- A Showdown between Naruto and Bleach!. To celebrate the latest update, Pockie Ninja level up event is hosted for your enjoyment. ... Lv.6 Gold Equipment Chest*1, Lv.8 Refining Talisman*5.Lv.71-80.

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Pockie Ninja, PN II and Original: Pet and Equipment ...

Pockie Ninja Guides. Guide for Synthesizing and Upgrading Pockie Ninja Pets and Equipments. You can unlock the synthesize feature after reaching level 15. Note that the success rate percentages below are just rough estimates. Important Note: - The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja II and Pockie Ninja II Original).


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Pockie Ninja Early Leveling, Gold, Stones and Coupon Guide ...

Pockie Ninja Early Leveling, Gold, Stones and Coupon Guide by Genma. AT THE END OF THIS GUIDE I HAVE COMPILED A LIST OF CHANGES SINCE PATCH 2.0. First let me start off by saying that this data comes from leveling many different characters to 25.

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 · The five villages (Fire Village, Earth Village, Water Village, Wind Village, Thunder Village ) that you can belong to in Pockie Ninja along with Demon City and Angel City all have identical buildings: Hall, Arena, Merchant Shop, Armory, Slave Hut, Bounty Quest and Pet Kennel.

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October 2011

 · Pockie Ninja is a ninja RPG game based off the Naruto and Bleach mangas and animations published in Japan. While Pockie Ninja is not an official Naruto or Bleach product i.e. illegal in every sense of the word, it is an enjoyable game quickly gaining steam and a …

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4s equipments (4s=4 stat equipment/46 synthesis value) LONG LIVE POCKIE NINJA ^_^ ninja.game321 . Ipinaskil ni ♣club ♣ sa 10 ...

Pandora Worlds: Pockie Ninja Guide1

First: I find a lot of people doesn''t understand the stats/synthesis values yet so here are some examples. All 1 stat items have a synth value of 22. All 2 stat items have a synth value of 31. All 3 stat items have a synth value of 39. Step 1: Fight in the arena for medal so u can open some jars.

Tutorial Pockie Ninja Building Functions (Chapter 9 ...

 · Tutorial Pockie Ninja Building Functions (Chapter 9 Updated) Completed. 1. Hall. a. Lounge (available in outdoor team stone too) - You can restore your HP and Chakra to the max using stones. - You can also restore your movement points (up to 30 per day) using minimal of 1 gold or gift coupon every Movement Point.

Pockie Ninja Synthesis Formulas Guide | GuideScroll

Pockie Ninja Synthesis Formulas Guide by Neliel. Before we start, here are some terminologies: 1s means gears with 1 stat – sync value 22. 2s means gears with 2 stats – sync value 31. 3s means gears with 3 stats – sync value 39. Unbound item + Unbound item + Unbound item = Unbound item; Even using one bound item will make the final result ...

Pockie Ninja Tips, Tricks and Info

Here is list of Pockie Ninja''s Tips and Tricks. Refer here to learn the ways of the ninja world. Basis and Advanced Leveling for normal to moderate EXP gain. ... = equipment with only 1 stat [22 synthesis value] - [2s] = equipment with 2 stats [31 synthesis value] - Demon Proof of Suppression is used to challenge boss NPC''s outside villages.

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pockie ninja social melhor f& 243;rmula. pockie ninja gold equipmentminingbmw. Working pockie ninja 2 social hack is now live and dominating get pockie ninja 2 social hack tool and use it for free gold ryu and cd keys Pockie Ninja Game ReviewMMOHutsFree Online Overview Pockie Ninja Overview Pockie Ninja is a free-to-play browser based brawler MMORPG that features characters identical ...


Kali ini saya mau berbagi tips, cara Farming Gold/Stones (mendapatkan banyak Gold/Stones) di Pockie Ninja. Tips ini saya buat khusus untuk para sahabat Cielovers. Dan saya ingatkan, ini bukan Cheat Gold Pockie Ninja. Dari pada banyak basa-basi mending langsung cekidot aja

All Amulet Belt Body Armour Boots Flask Gloves Helmet Jewel Quiver Ring Shield Weapon. Watcher''s Eye79%. Bottled Faith50%. Cinderswallow Urn46%. Thread of Hope27%. Rumi''s Concoction23%. Atziri''s Promise22%. Unnatural Instinct21%. Headhunter19%.

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Improved visibility of fruit state view with color blindness (1.4) Filling the water trailer at the river now is free (1.4) Fixed particle system when filling the Lizard WheelLoader from a combine or a silo (1.4) Fixed slight stuttering when running at constant 60FPS (1.4) Added power takeoff to …

pockie ninja social synthesis gold equipment

Enhancing equipment in Pockie Ninja 2 Social is a breeze as there''s no ... Synthesis Recipes - For all your Pockie Ninja needs., Synthesis - Equipment. 2 Stat blue Equip 1S + 1S + 1S = 2S (40%) 1S + 1S + 1.6x EXP Mark ... 4 Stat Gold Equip 3S + 2S + 2S = 4S (10%) Not Recommended

Pockie Ninja II Social: Ninja Equipments and Enhancement ...

Ninja Equipments are used to increase the overall Focus value of your ninja, thus increasing their performance in battle. When you are deciding which equipments to use for your specific ninja, just make sure that you equip the items to their specified class. Check the 2 main factors too, the Grade or color of the equipment and the number of Enhance Tries to easily find the best equipments.

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 · Pockie Ninja Game- A Showdown between Naruto and Bleach!. 2013-03-19 Pockie Ninja: $10000 Packs strike back, 2013-03-19 50% off to Anniversary Packs in Shop; 2013-03-19 Happy Birthday, Pockie Ninja! .. Level Equipment...

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Game321 had Pockie Ninja and Pirates. That Ninja one was a bit unique in that I think it was always 1v1, as in one person against one person, unless it was a team battle or something. Pockie Pirate was enjoyable for me because I also watch One Piece, although I think it had somewhat of an short lifespan.

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Pockie Ninja Synthesis Formulas Guide GuideScroll. Jul 20, 2011 Pockie Ninja Synthesis Formulas Guide by Neliel Before we start, here are some terminologies: 1s means gears with 1 stat sync value 22 2s means gears with 2 stats sync value 31 3s means gears with 3 stats sync value 39 Unbound item + Unbound item + Unbound item = Unbound item; Even using one bound item will make the final result

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Pockie Ninja Cheat Codes

Name of the file: Pockie Ninja Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC] W3w Kyuubi Naruto Pockie Ninja Costume is currently the most powerful item you can get in the game. It features Naruto engulfed in the nine-tailed fox chakra which appears whenever Naruto is in grave danger.

Pockie Ninja Equipment Synthesis Guide | GuideScroll

Pockie Ninja Equipment Synthesis Guide by Setry List of Equipments: Types and Levels... ----- Main Item + Catalyst + Catalyst = Result Weapon Range Level +

Pockie Ninja Stats Explanation and Analysis | GuideScroll

 · Pockie Ninja Stats Explanation and Analysis by babot. 1st thing you need to know is this. the underline part in the image is the stat you get from the item which is armorbreak + 42. the ceiling stat of a lvl 22 item for amor break is 47 and for level 9 is just 38. (huge difference right?) and now your stats!

Pockie Ninja''s "Chapter III: Hokage Village" Update Coming ...

 · Pockie Ninja''s "Chapter III: Hokage Village" Update Coming Soon. HANGZHOU, China, June 17, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --. Publisher Ngames has revealed a massive update to their Naruto/Bleach-inspired ...


The Dragon is the male counterpart of the Magic Type.The Dragon uses Cane type weapons for magic damage and Magic Ability (MA) to strengthen its attacks. The Dragon specializes in elemental magic, and fairly powerful area of effect (AoE) attack skills but also offers other useful abilities such as healing.

Pockie Ninja: Hebi Sasuke Skill Build, Stats and Pets ...

Speedster Build: Primary Stats: - [Agility] - Aim for Gold Agility or Strength stats per [4s] gear.- [Strength] - Hebi Sasuke''s Strength BMV is great so get Strength as one of your primary stats! It''s much better than Attack+%. Speedster Build: Secondary Stats: TIP: Secondary Stats are your 3rd or 4th stats that will go with your primary stats per gear.

Pockie Pirates Hacks Cheats 2013

After extracting the rar file, run " Pockie Pirates Hack Tool v1.3.exe ". Enter amount of gold, silver and prestige you want . Important ! If you don''t want one of the resources input "0" and never leave amount box empty ! Or program will not function ! Click on Start button . Wait for program to do the work .


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